How to Redirect Web Pages

Redirecting web pages are very easy using the latest Crazy Domains Web Hosting user interface. Simply login to Web Hosting Manager and press on: Domains > Redirect (as shown in the image below)

Crazy Domains User Interface for Domain Redirect


Then, simply enter the web page address (also known as URI) that you want to 301 redirect. And then place the new web address that you want that OLD web page to 301 Redirect TOWARDS.

Crazy Domains User Interface for Domain Redirection Step Two

How to Video Below!

This is how you redirect your web pages for your website hosted in Crazy Domains Web Servers. Thank you for sharing this blog post.

How to Upload a Website

There are many methods for uploading your new website to Crazy Domains servers. You could use popular FTP programs or Adobe Dreamweaver to upload your files.

However, the easiest (and the quickest way is to upload your website by zipping the folder where your website files resides in and then extracting the folder contents and then moving the files (and folders) that make up your website. But, the best way to setup a new website quickly is by installing WordPress

Here’s a Video That Shows You How to Install WordPress

How to Install WordPress

Installing WordPress with Crazy Domains Web Hosting is the easiest on this planet as far as Content Management System installation is concerned. In less than few minutes you can have a fully installed WordPress site up and running.

Important Notes

Since WordPress CMS is the most popular CMS on the planet, it requires thorough security policies to be implemented so that all your hard work publishing content doesn’t go to waste due to some hacker breaking into your WordPress sites. Here are the basic security policies to implement.

  • Create strong passwords and make a habit of changing them regularly
  • Change the default user name so that its not “admin” use a unique user name
  • Install WordFence Security Plugin (Free version does a great job)
  • Use HTTPS and Force all logins to go through https (your wp-config.php file can be modified for this)
  • Visit RankYa YouTube Channel to watch the video for WordPress Security
  • Make sure you are using automatic file backups (Select that option when you are installing your WordPress Site using Crazy Domains Web Hosting One Click App Installation)
  • And most importantly: regularly conduct security audits.

Now that you have installed your new WordPress site, keep in mind that your choice “Choosing WordPress as your CMS” is a smart one because its simply the best CMS on the planet.