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Keep in mind that we’ve been using their services for the past 9 years now and we highly recommend their products and services.

(We also have accounts with other web hosting providers and believe that customer service from Crazy Domains beats GoDaddy, DreamHost, and HostGator hands down)

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Web Hosting Review

Crazy Domains has 3 different types of web hosting packages (Economy, Premium and Unlimited)

Crazy Domains Web Hosting Plans review

If you are operating a large enterprise business, then consider choosing Unlimited Web Hosting Plan. For rest of your website requirements, select Premium Web Hosting Package as the servers are faster.

If you select Premium Web Hosting, you will get a whopping 500GB of web space, this is large enough to tackle any multimedia upload requirements, even if you are thinking of uploading videos.

Crazy Domains Premium Web Hosting also offers file backups. As well as unlimited websites. That means that you can save money because its important to have backups of your website, furthermore, with premium hosting you can create many different websites (with different domain names) within a single hosting plan.


  1. Consider investing in dedicated IP instead of shared IP (press here for an online tool to check domain’s IP if its shared or dedicated)
  2. Google recommends all websites should be moving towards SSL (HTTPS version) and since this is now a ranking signal means that your website should have SSL Certificates installed.

Crazy Domains takes care of SSL installation process as it can be complicated for non-tech website owners. You can upgrade your current web hosting plan (if you have one) or purchase one for your new web hosting and they will install it for you.

Currently they are offering discounts on Standard SSL Certificates for $49 per year. If you shop around you may find cheaper SSL’s, however, don’t be fooled by other web hosting providers like godaddy offering cheap SSL Certificates (usually this is only for the first year, then price goes up drastically) but with most things Crazy Domains (their products are cheaper).

At the end of the day, choosing a Web Hosting Plan that’s right for you is critical because your website/business will be on it.

I hope your new online business achieves greatness on internet.

Website Builder Review

Crazy Domains has recently introduced Web Site Builder as an add-on product. I guess it was designed to provide a way for beginners to get in to an online business world easily.

Website Builder Addon by Crazy Domains

However, it is cumbersome to use and find your way around it at the begining. Furthermore, in today’s internet world there are countless CMS (content management systems) which are easier to use and crazy domains web hosting packages do have one click installation for WordPress and Magento as well.

You may like to read our review for Web Hosting by Crazy Domains because if you select to get a web hosting from Crazy Domains, then using one click apps you can install popular CMS’s like WordPress (World’s most popular CMS used by millions of people).

Keep in mind that WordPress isn’t for blogging only, you can create any type of website including Ecommerce sites using WordPress. And with our FREE Complete WordPress Essentials Training Course you can master using WordPress within hours.

This product is ideal for absolute beginners who are just starting out online, and the team at Crazy Domains are always developing this platform so that you can easily create your spanking looking website with ease.

Traffic Booster Review

Crazy Domains recently introduced the Traffic Booster (also known as Search Booster) add-on for website owners to submit their website to multiple search engines and web directories using this feature.

Traffic Booster Crazy Domains

Should Website Owners Use Traffic Booster?

Boosting the website traffic for your website is important today. What this service does is Ping major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Pinging your website to let search engines know of any new updates may be of benefit.

To achieve long term traffic boost for your website. You should consider long term results through search engine optimizing your website according to Google’s guidelines and make content publishing and marketing part of what you do on internet.

You can learn how to optimize your website with freely available SEO information on internet. Or even hire Australia’s leading SEO specialist through low-cost SEO services to fully optimize your website according to Google’s guidelines for great long term results.

Crazy domains search booster is ideal for website’s that are newly setup, or have not performed any type of online marketing before. To succeed on internet, it requires time, effort and dedication. All of which will bring great results in this competitive online business world.

Wishing you great success with you new online venture, keep at it and be persistent as the rewards are worthwhile on internet.